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    Website Hosting F.A.Q. 

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Website design, website management, Domain Parking, Search Engine Optimization, META tag creation. 

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Welcome to the On Equal Grounds 
Network service center. 

Our services include; 

  • Website hosting

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All email links below are directly related to the service offered. For the most rapid response please use the email link with the service you seek. 

  • Office related projects like data base management

  • Expense reports

  • Payroll reports

  • Quarterly reports

  • For a personalized quote based on your needs email us with a brief description of services desired.

Publicity and project management. 

The needs and desires for each client in this area are unique. So our proposals to you will also be solely based on services you are seeking. Please email us with a brief description of the publicity or project management services you desire. 

We do not support or furnish services to websites engaged in any form of hate or discrimination. 
Otherwise, you are most welcome. 

I come from a "networking" frame of mind.  So most of our services include a presence in our online networking partnership. I encourage and invite you to participate in our network community. When we do this we learn and grow in a supportive environment. Just good business sense, not to mention, productive for a growth oriented business, artist, and community.  - Len Rogers

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